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April 10TH, 2017
Bloomington Event Center
Knights of Columbus
1114 West American Blvd
Bloomington, Minnesota

Luncheon will consist of Chicken and Beef with all the trimmings. (Vegan meal available on request.)
We will have door prizes and a cash bar.
This is a chance to meet and talk with fellow BAJ members and sign up for various sports.
Luncheon registration will be mailed to all BAJ members.
Any questions, contact Mike Zytkovicz at 952-898-7880


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Click on the above link for the 2017 student application form in pdf format

The scholarship banquet is Thursday May 18th this year. One major function of the BAJ’s has been the annual awarding of Jerry Molosky scholarships. The pancake breakfast fund raiser is held each October to raise money for Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy high school seniors that participate in athletics. A committee selects the top qualified seniors from the many applicants submitted. A $1500 scholarship award, along with a plaque, is given to each winner from the funds made at the pancake breakfast. We typically award around 8 to 10 scholarships annually. Students and their parents are invited to attend a sit-down banquet in their honor at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bloomington.
 In the last 29 years, we have given well over $200,000 to the students to help defray the cost of higher education. A letter of acceptance by the school of their choice must be sent to our chairman before the money is awarded.

      Members of the present scholarship committee are:
Chairman Bob Swanson, Jerry Narragon, Roger Koland, John Crary, Steve Alpert and the 2 high school athletic directors: Matt Hanson and Chad Nyberg.

For more information contact: Bob Swanson at 952-884-6532


                   ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST 

The BAJ'S next Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction is Sunday October 1st,2017, at the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS HALL in Bloomington. Please help with our one and only fund raising event. We have this opportunity to give back to Bloomington, because without Bloomington’s support, the BAJ organization would not exist.

BAJ members will receive 6 tickets in September. Please send the money in and volunteer to work at the breakfast. Volunteers have a lot of fun and it is a very rewarding experience.

Where does this money go? In 2010 we gave $9,000 in scholarships to Bloomington seniors that have participated in varsity sports. We also donated $5000 to help put artificial turf on Kennedy & Jefferson practice fields at the schools.

In 2011 we gave $11,000 in scholarships and $4,000 to the “Random Acts of Kindness” program. This $4,000 will be used to help students pay athletic fees when they can’t afford to.

In 2012 we gave give $11,000 in scholarships and $3,000 to the “Random Acts of Kindness” program.

Also, in 2013, we gave $7000 in scholarships and another $3000 to the Bloomington schools.

In 2014 & 2015 we gave $18,000 in scholarships and $3000 to the RAK project at the Bloomington schools.
For information, contact Bob Swanson at 952-884-6532.






Again this year, the BAJ’S had the opportunity to attend a Twins game.
All had a good time.
See picture below.
We look forward to next years baseball outing.

For additional information contact Bob Wandberg at or 612-722-6775


Silent Auction Action 

 Most BAJ participants know that the purpose of the BAJ Pancake Breakfast in October is to raise money for scholarships and support for young athletes in Bloomington.  But what is the silent auction about?  Answer – same thing!  In fact, the silent auction raised an additional $1771 in 2014. The total raised since it started in 2009 is around $14,000.  With your help, we can make it grow even more in the future.

Our primary effort to gather silent auction items will begin in August this year with a letter mailed to hundreds of local and metro area businesses asking for their support.  However, we accept donations at any time during the year.

How can you help?  If you own or work for a local business, put together a gift certificate that can be used for services from that business.  Services such as oil changes, tire rotation, transmission service, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, furnace checkup, fitness center visits, to name only a few ideas that are popular at the auction.  Gift certificates at restaurants, pie shops, sandwich shops, coffee shops, art shops are popular as well.  It’s a great way for businesses to introduce new customers to their business. 

You may also donate unique craft items that you make, or nearly new items that sit un-used in your storage area.  Anything that has value and can attract a bid will raise more money for the kids.  And finally – participate in the auction that day and bid early and bid often.

For donations and questions, please contact either

Tim Claus – 952-884-0609     or

Mike Zytkovicz – 952-898-7880
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