"Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of a bike ride."
"Ride to live. Live to ride." 


See the Cities….Enjoy the fresh air….Stay in shape….Join fellow BAJ’ers for a few hours of biking.
We will bike only on paved bike paths around the metro area. We will bike every Wednesday at 9 AM. We finish about 11.


 Click on the following for a printable pdf of the schedule:BAJ_2017_Cycling_Club_flyer.pdf
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   (This schedule is subject to change.  Changes will be reported to bike group members via emails.)

Need more information?  Contact Either

                     Richard Schugel at 612-866-2248     email:

                                       or  Lyle Abeln at 952-881-5683     email:

                Sign up today


 BAJ cyclist went on a 26 mile ride on July 29th 2017



Time:      WARM UP 8:30 - 9AM    GAME TIME 9 - 11 AM
Where:    VALLEY VIEW FIELDS #3 & #4
                91ST STREET AND PORTLAND AVE S
                BLOOMINGTON, MN


CONTACT:  LYMAN DEMARAY     952-888-6130 
                    BOB WANDBERG

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2017 MVP Trophy hand off:
Bill Borchers (2016 MVP) giving the trophy to 2017 winner Roger Palo

2017 Softball BAJs



A little history:
Tennis players, Marty Johnson, Charlie “Barnie” Barnard, Dick Hullsiek, Rick Raser, Dick Goplin and others would gather wherever Bloomington courts were available, prior to the inception of BAJ Organization. Thereafter, tennis along with other sports, were organized under the BAJ organization in 1984.

All six VV tennis courts (resurfaced 2015) are reserved, morning hours remain in place throughout October, weather permitting. There are no fees, just show up, various playing levels from beginner to advanced, players usually pair up upon arrival on courts, doubles is normal format but 3 on 3 is also used.  Swirling rotation used when uneven numbers are available.
New players/levels are encouraged and welcomed


Location:  Valley View tennis courts, 201 East 90th Street, Bloomington

 (90th Street between Portland and Nicollet, just east of swimming pool)

 Starts:  1st Monday in May through/including October (starting October, with cooler mornings, start time could change to 1:00P and with volleyball starting)  

 Days/Times:   Monday through/including Friday, 7:30A to 11:30A

 Contact:  Commissioner-Kenn Trzcinski-651-815-3483


Updated June '17





There are over 200 BAJ golfers. They converge on Dwan golf course each Monday from the 1st Monday in May thru September. Some have their regular foursomes and others just sub or fill in. All enjoy the social part of the game. There are two "scrambles" where we get to play with other golfers.

We have a lot of fun and some openings. Please join us.

Location:    Dwan Golf Course 110th and Xerxes Ave So Bloomington

A Dwan membership is required.
Call the contacts below for more information.

Contact Terry Thompson: 952-456-6260
              Kirk Vogland:      952-884-6094



              BOCCE BALL 

Bocce Ball, an old game with many stories about who, when and where it originated. All I can add to the discussion is that it is a great game to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or athletic ability.

 We play a schedule where each team will play the others twice. When we get to that point there is a champion team . Next we have a two man tournament set up among guys who sign up. This takes another two weeks and we are done before Labor Day. We will field 12 teams. Basically there are 6 men assigned to each team and 4 men from each team play in a game and we alternate so everyone gets to play. It is set up that way so if some one cannot make it to the park for some reason we have a complete team ready to compete.

 We always welcome new players. The game is easy to learn and not that difficult to play so physical problems should not be troublesome. Our players range in age from 60 to as young as 94 and there have been players who needed crutches,canes or walkers. We even had a fellow who was almost blind playing and he was a good player.

 Hope to see all the old players back and a bunch of new faces for the upcoming season.
Location: Valley View Fields 91st and 2nd Ave So Bloomington
Day:   Starts 2nd Friday in May and every Friday Until Fall
Time:  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

 For information contact Larry Petersen 952-831-5519





When weather permits, we will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11am at Westwood (108th and Beard). If you don't have a Pickleball paddle there are a few paddles available to use.
Location: Westwood (108th and Beard) Bloomington
Days:        Tuesday and Thursday
Time:        9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Contact: Denny Daniels or 952-831-2389



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