WINTER SPORTS

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               TABLE TENNIS 

Location: Bloomington Armory at 3300 W. 98th St. 
Time: Start 9 AM
Days: Tuesday and Thursday from the end of September to first of May

We have anywhere from 4  to 10 players on any particular day with ages between 55 and 85.  We play until we get tired.  This is a fairly aggressive sport and we work up a sweat, so dress comfortably and bring your table tennis paddle.  Play is very informal and is mostly doubles using the old rules of 21 points.  We vary partners often and try to keep the teams as evenly balanced as possible so that we can have fun regardless of skill level.  We usually play some singles when the session winds down.
For information call Gary Walker, 952-270-0039



Location:  Southtown Bowl 7941 Southtown Ctr, Bloomington

Day of Week: Tuesday

Time: 9:00 AM

We have about 40 bowlers that meet at Southtown Bowl each Tuesday at 9:00 AM.  The season will start in the fall and lasts 31 weeks.  We would like everyone to wear the green BAJ sport shirt, but it is not required.

We are looking for new bowlers. Whatever your average is, please join us.

On the 32nd week, we have a banquet. Last year it was at the KC Hall.

For more information call Alan Bongaarts sec/treas at 952-885-9728.



Location:  Southtown Bowl 7941 Southtown Ctr, Bloomington

Day of Week: Thursday

Time: 1:00 PM to 3 PM

We have about 60 bowlers with 4 men on a team that meet each week at Southtown Bowl. Our oldest bowler is 91 years and the youngest is 59. Our season will start in the fall. Usual casual attire for bowling is all you need. We would like everyone to wear the white BAJ polo shirt, but it is not required. We bowl for turkeys the week before Thanksgiving, have a couple of No-Tap tournaments and end our season with a banquet at Mystic Lake Casino.

As in most of our BAJ sports, the bowling averages vary, so if you are not already one of us and would like to join, please contact:

Jerry Narragon - Sec/Treas at  952-884-3975. 





Cribbage and/or 500 are played from October until May on Fridays at 8 AM at Creekside Community Center(90th St and Penn Ave), in the library. All are welcome to play.

For more information call: Roger Koland 952-831-6174


Location: Jefferson High School gym from October to January
                 Kennedy High School gym from February to April
Time:        Warmup at 8:45 am; Games start at 9:00 AM
Days:       Monday, Wednesday and Friday

During the late fall and early spring seasons you are invited to play recreational volleyball. Thirty to forty BAJer’s gather to play. Attendance is voluntary and can be once, twice or three times a week. A fee is collected for the rental of the gyms.
For more info, contact Paul Johnson, 612-866-4428
                 or Gerry VandeGarde 952-944-9409

2016 National Team

2016 BAJ Volleyball

BAJ and Jefferson High School Students in an intergenerational Volleyball game in 2017
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