We all know that there has to be a time of passing into that athletic field beyond.

So when the time comes,  please remember the Born Again Jocks Scholarship Fund in your memorials. Many of our past members have already had money donated to the BAJ’s in their name.

It’s a nice way to be remembered!

We honor these past members (or spouse) who have been honored with monetary donations:

Wally Buchanan, 07/29/2009 

Clarence "Pete" Hansen, 01/12/2010
Hank Westby, 09/06/2010
Bob Jorissen, 10/10/2010
George Wirth, 10/12/2010 
Dick Wortman, 11/02/2010

Rueben Dornfeld, 4/29/2011
Stan Hendrickson, 5/25/2011
Jerry Bujold, 7/20/2011
James O'Rourke, 10/18/2011

O. J. Skals, 02/01/2012

Mrs. Arnie Johnson (Betty), 07/17/2013
Arnie Johnson, 10/6/2013
Ken Christopherson, 12/12/2013
Mrs. Bruce "Bruno" Anderson (Marion), 12/15/2013

Mrs. Roger Koland (Una Mae), 10/17/2014

Don Griggs, 05/7/2015
Gary Nielsen, 12/30/2015 

Dan Reinert, 6/18/2016
Daniel F. Heintzman, 11/7/2016
Larry Johnson, 02/24/2017
Rollie Daniel, 03/31/2017
Harvey Andresen, 04/12/2017
Dal Bjerke, 04/17/2017
Dale Johnson, 05/28/2017
Bob Radunz, 09/26/2017

Bruce "Bruno" Anderson, 12/23/2017

Mark Skogseth, 05/05/2018

Jim Pickard, 08/31/2018

Mrs. Larry Petersen (Harriet), 12/23/2018

Bob Overman, 01/2019

Clayton Stelter, 10/03/2019

Al Ruzicka, 03/25/2020

Mrs. Jerry Molosky (Antonia), 02/2021 

Mrs. Tom Dobson (Patricia), 11/15/2022


Donations are used for Bloomington Kennedy and Jefferson High School students. 


 For more information or to send donations

please contact:

Jerry Narragon

11417 Kell Rd

Bloomington  MN  55437


(checks can be made to: BAJ)