$12,000.00  awarded - $1,500.00 to each student


 BLoomington Jefferson High School Seniors

 l-r: BAJ Member, Caroline Hemann, Anthony Thorman, Emelia Lowe, Maxwell Clark, BAJ Member



Bloomington Kennedy High School Seniors

l-r: BAJ Member, Corey Bartholomew, Oliver Johnson, Kaysawn Carlson, Maisie Pederson, BAJ Member

  One major function of the BAJ’s has been the annual awarding of Jerry Molosky scholarships. The pancake breakfast fundraiser is held each October to raise money for Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy high school seniors that participate in athletics. A committee selects the top qualified seniors from the many applicants submitted. A $1500 scholarship award was given to each winner from the funds made at the pancake breakfast. 
   In the last 32 years, we have given over $272,000 to the students to help defray the cost of higher education. 

   This year, 2023, our pancake breakfast/silent auction proceeds were awarded to 8 scholarship winners - 4 each from Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy high schools totaling $12,000 - $1,500 to each student. These were presented at a high school ceremony.

   Also, a check for $6,000 was given to the Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA) to be used for young athletes to help pay for registration fees and equipment.

   $1,000 was also awarded to the youth organization, Oasis for Youth. This is an organization serving troubled youth in our community. It is housed at the Oak Grove Presbyterian church in Bloomington.