A little history: Tennis players, Marty Johnson, Charlie “Barnie” Barnard, Dick Hullsiek, Rick Raser, Dick Goplin and others would gather wherever Bloomington courts were available, prior to the inception of BAJ Organization. Thereafter, tennis along with other sports, were organized under the BAJ organization in 1984.

All six Valley View tennis courts (resurfaced 2015) are reserved, morning hours remain in place throughout October, weather permitting. There are no fees, just show up, various playing levels from beginner to advanced, players usually pair up upon arrival on courts, doubles is normal format but 3 on 3 is also used.  Swirling rotation used when uneven numbers are available.
New players/levels are encouraged and welcomed.


Location:  Valley View tennis courts, 201 East 90th Street, Bloomington

 (90th Street between Portland and Nicollet, just east of swimming pool)

 Starts:  1st Monday in May through/including October (starting October, with cooler mornings, start time could change to 1:00P and with volleyball starting) 

 Days/Times:   Monday through/including Friday, 7:30A to 11:30A

 Contact:   Commissioner: Dan Kampa  952-854-0898